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Tia Barr

IMDB : Tia Barr - IMDB(nm2858945)

Santa Cruz County, CA



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White Bird in a Blizzard

White Bird in a Blizzard

Kat Connors is 17 years old when her perfect homemaker mother, Eve, disappears. Having lived for so long in an emotionally repressed household, she barely registers her mother's absence and certainly doesn't blame her doormat of a father, Brock, for the loss. But as time passes, Kat begins to come to grips with how deeply Eve's disappearance has affected her. Returning home on a break from college, she finds herself confronted with the truth about her mother's departure, and her own denial about the events surrounding it...

Mansion of Blood

Mansion of Blood

Millionaire Mason Murphy renovates the haunted Mayhew mansion. He plans a tremendous lunar eclipse viewing party to celebrate his return to his hometown of River Ridge Iowa. At the party, magic runs out of control and the party guests are murdered one by one.

The Lodger

The Lodger

Set in Los Angeles with two converging plot lines – The first involves an uneasy relationship between a psychologically unstable landlady and her enigmatic lodger – The second is about a troubled detective engaged in a cat-and-mouse game with the elusive killer.



A crew of savvy former strip club employees band together to turn the tables on their Wall Street clients.


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